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IoT Design

Our IoT (Internet of Things) design services are professional services that help businesses and organizations create, develop, and implement IoT solutions. Our IoT design services encompass a range of services such as hardware design, software design, system integration, data management, and analytics.

Image by Axel Ruffini

Comprehensice and Consumer Centered Design

Give your entire attention to the important managers, supervisors, engineers, installers, operators, and installers in your ecosystem.

App Design

UX/UI Design

The UX/UI design of a website or application determines whether visitors remain or leave. One of the leading UX/UI design firms, Cligent, is aware of the importance of a simple user experience and how it can build or break a company's reputation. Our team of designers creates pixel-perfect solutions for your company that will provide users an outstanding experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

PCB, Schematic and Application Design

For a wide range of electronic systems and sectors of application, we offer custom printed circuit board design and layout for analogue, digital, and mixed signal boards. If you currently have design schematics and need a PCB layout from them, you may do so. If not, you may be trying to optimise your current design for low-cost assembly. We can assist you in starting from scratch to create PCB designs, including high-speed PCB design layout, as well as offer technological consulting services to address any technical challenges you may have.

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